Sometimes Success Comes with a Price

It’s the ‘90s, and hardworking Nora has always dreamed of making her way up the corporate ladder and reaping the benefits — bigger paycheck, expensive corporate car, personal secretary, and a corner office with a view of the city.

Great at her job, but awkward at life, Nora never thought that her success would also come with a menacing car, nosey family and friends, and a dangerous job.

And, the biggest danger of all — her new boss.

“. . .Your characters are real, your writing is descriptive, and your dialogue is smart, sassy, and sexy. . .”

–Sharon, Beta Reader for Mixed Business

“I am in your fan club.”

– Karen, Avid reader

“. . . Loved your book. . .had me laughing over and over. The characters were amazing and her thoughts were so real.”

–Joanne, Beta Reader for Mixed Business

 “Really entertaining. . .Cannot wait for the next one.”

–Gai, Beta Reader for Mixed Business

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